Darlenes Mack

Darlenes Mack

Associate Director of Administration

Mrs. Mack is the Associate Director of Administration at Axxes Capital, where her duties involve providing essential support for the firm’s back-office and fund operations. Before joining Axxes, she accumulated substantial experience within the financial industry, working at Industry FinTech and Tribexa, a back-office administrator and financial platform. In her roles at these organizations, Mrs. Mack served as Director of Operations and played a pivotal part in optimizing and streamlining operational processes. Furthermore, she led the development and management of their investment platform.

Mrs. Mack holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an MBA with a specialization in Finance from Florida International University. In addition to her academic achievements, Mrs. Mack is proficient in both Spanish and English. A true Miami native, Mrs. Mack cherishes her roots and values family above all. As a dedicated mother of one, she finds joy in her role as a parent, and her weekends are often spent making precious memories with her husband and daughter.

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