Axxes Fund Solutions

Bringing Innovative Private Investment Opportunities to Wealth Advisors and Their Clients

Our innovative series of interval funds empower wealth advisors to offer their clients previously hard-to-access private investments through premier institutional managers. By streamlining the investment process, we’re transforming how clients invest, making it seamless and straightforward.

Axxes Private Markets Fund


Access direct co-investment and secondary investments sourced by premier institutional private equity managers

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Axxes Fund Solutions

Focus on the
Accredited Investor

Axxes Capital offers a suite of private investment solutions focused on the accredited investor at low minimums ($25,000).

Diversified Private Markets Portfolio

Axxes Capital’s suite of interval funds is collectively designed to deliver a diversified portfolio across private equity, private credit, real estate, and venture capital.

Access to Top-Tier Managers

Clients invest directly in private funds, overseen by top-performing private market institutional managers generally available only to the largest institutions.

Rigorous Manager Selection & Oversight

Axxes Capital, in partnership with a world-class private market consulting firm, identifies, underwrites, and oversees elite institutional managers with sector-specific expertise.


Unlike most private market funds, Axxes Capital’s interval funds will offer ticker symbols, simplifying the buying process.


Clients can reallocate among Axxes Capital’s investment vehicles, allowing investors to rebalance their private investment allocations more easily.1

Benefits Of Axxes Capital’s Interval Funds

For Accredited Investors

Evergreen Fund

Low Investment Minimums

5% Quarterly Liquidity Feature

Daily Subscriptions

Daily NAV

Ticker Symbols

No Capital Calls

1099 Tax Reporting

Opportunities In Private Markets

Private Markets Outperform

Private equity has historically outperformed
public markets

Private equity has historically outperformed public markets

Source: PitchBook, June 30, 2023.

Private Market Opportunity Set

There are 7x more U.S. private companies with annual revenues over $100 million than public companies

Source: Capital IQ, 2023.

Private Markets vs. Public Markets

Private markets generate stronger returns
with less volatility

Private markets generate stronger returns with less volatility

Source: Russell Investments Strategic Planning Forecasts, March 2022.

Number of U.S. IPOs

Companies are staying private 2x longer than
decades ago

Companies are staying private 2x longer than decades ago

Source: Jay R. Ritter. IPO: Updated Statistics, January 2023.

Advantages of Private Markets

Diversification and Performance

We believe private markets provide diversification benefits, superior risk-adjusted returns, and lower volatility compared to public markets.

Outlook on Public Markets

Anticipated subdued performance within public markets suggests a strategic reassessment of traditional investment allocations may be warranted.

Rethinking Traditional Allocation

The conventional 60/40 stock/bond allocation model may no longer serve as an optimal diversifier, with projections indicating modest returns for the upcoming decade.

Alignment with Investor Horizons

We believe private markets present opportunities for better alignment between asset strategies and extended time horizons, an important consideration in an era of increasing life expectancies.

Traditional Barriers to Private Markets Investments

High investment minimums

Illiquidity concerns (typically 5-10 year lock-up)

Cumbersome subscription documentation & complex K-1 tax reporting

Limited access to top-tier managers

Lack of transparency and reporting

Axxes Capital Interval Funds

Low investment minimums

5% quarterly liquidity feature, daily subscriptions, and no capital calls

Easy point-and-click investing with ticker symbols and simplified 1099 tax reporting2

Access to premier institutional managers


Invest in Private Markets with Axxes Capital

Invest in Private Markets with
Axxes Capital

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