Axxes Direct

Axxes Direct is an industry-first platform providing advisors with curated and vetted single company

These unique structures allow the best performing assets in legacy funds to keep growing and achieve their full potential while providing liquidity for existing limited partners.
In addition, clients always know exactly what they own and avoid the sometimes frustrating ramp-up part of the j-curve associated with private equity investments

Key features of axxes direct

Exclusive Direct Access

  • Co-invest in individual company opportunities as equals alongside top institutional investors
  • Minimize adverse selection by focusing on GP-led secondaries

Complete Transparency

  • Visibility into deal data room and sponsor track record
  • Investment process facilitated by Axxes (analytical, financial, deal, etc.)

Cost-Effective, Easy Execution

  • Low, transparent fees via investment in direct syndicates (no feeder fund layering)
  • Full-service support (investing, reporting, compliance, and portfolio tools)

Shorter Holding Periods

  • Average holding period of 5 years (vs. 10 years)
  • PE secondary assets faster to monetize in the public markets