The Axxes Capital Story

We formed Axxes Capital because we want to give advisors the best opportunity to serve their clients. As more clients are recognizing the advantages of private investments as a part of their portfolio, we want to be there to make sure advisors have all of the tools and knowledge they need to properly allocate to this evolving segment.

The Time
is Now

The aggregate portfolio allocation to private investments amongst Qualified Purchasers is 10% versus the aggregate portfolio allocation to private investments amongst individual investors is only 1%, but why? Historically, advisors did not have the access to private investment opportunities that satisfied their concerns around minimums, liquidity, fees, and transparency - until now.

The Paradigm Shift

The traditional “60/40” allocation to stocks and bonds is changing.

Clients realize there is an opportunity to generate higher returns with a similar risk profile in a “50/40/10” with 10% of their portfolio allocated to private investments.

Axxes is here to help facilitate that.

We deliver solutions to financial advisors.

Axxes Capital is positioned as an asset management company to democratize access to and introduce private investments as another asset class for their clients of financial advisors.

4 Key Decisions We Made
When We Formed Axxes Capital:


Our focus will be on the financial advisors, the market landscape, and the industry, not technology. We are partnering with the some of the best technology partners in the market.


We are not going to disintermediate financial advisors. Our job is to make the financial advisor the hero in the conversation.


We are an open architecture platform; we do not manage the money ourselves and instead source the top external managers to make sure that we are working for advisors, not against them.

Simply Work
with Top Talent

We select managers on a strategy-by-strategy basis ensuring a proven track record and expertise for the advisors with whom we work.


At Axxes Capital, we're not just selling what we manage — we're literally on the investor side looking for the very best managers we can bring to the table.

Joseph DaGrosa Jr.

Our Offerings

are focused on what we consider to be the most attractive private equity strategies in the private investment universe:


  • Direct Lending
  • Opportunistic Credit
  • Real Estate Equity & Debt
  • Private Equity Co-Investments & Secondaries
  • Venture Capital

What Makes
Axxes Capital Different


Investors have the ability to easily reallocate among Axxes Capital's investment vehicles, allowing investors to rebalance their private investment allocations.

Focus on Attractive Private Equity /Mezzanine Credit Products- Products

Our targeted strategies are designed to provide higher-return investment opportunities versus traditional senior debt- focused BDC products.

Perpetually offered

Our products are offered through intermediaries without a constraint on offering timeline, allowing advisors to allocate consistently and effectively across their clients over time.

Objectivity with Respect to Manager Selection

Axxes Capital, in partnership with Wilshire Advisors, identifies and enters into sub-advisor agreements with top asset managers who have sector-specific expertise.

Regular liquidity

Quarterly liquidity for up to 5% of vehicle NAV (subject to board approval).

Daily Subscriptions with Ticker Symbols

Our funds allow daily subscriptions using ticker symbols, avoiding the administratively intensive subscription document (sub-doc) process. Axxes Capital removes friction and makes it easier for advisors and their clients to allocate to alternatives.

Low Minimum Investment

Low investment minimums across transactional share classes ($25,000/$5,000) and the ability to waive minimums on the institutional share class for fee-based accounts and practices.

Simplified Tax Reporting

Our funds provide the simplicity of 1099 tax reporting.


Wealth advisors can easily reallocate with no-charge exchanges across our suite of funds enabling the rebalancing of clients' private investment allocations without penalties or additional costs (subject to fund-level liquidity constraints).

Perpetually Offered

Our funds are evergreen and offered in perpetuity, enabling wealth advisors to allocate to client portfolios consistently and effectively over time.

Quarterly Liquidity

Each of our investment funds are designed to provide quarterly liquidity for 100% of redemptions up to 5% of the fund's net assets. If above 5%, the redemptions will be prorated accordingly.


Axxes Capital will source the market to identify and enter into sub-advisory agreements with top-tier asset managers who have sector-specific expertise. We don't believe any one firm has true expertise across the entire private market spectrum, which is why we're designing Axxes to seek "best-in-class” managers on behalf of our advisors and their clients. We are not constrained by proprietary management; we bring the best of the best to market.

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