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We formed Axxes Capital to give wealth advisors the best opportunity to serve their clients. As more clients are recognizing the benefits of private investments as part of their portfolios, we want to empower advisors with the tools and knowledge to properly allocate to private investments.

The Time
is Now

The aggregate portfolio allocation to private investments amongst Qualified Purchasers is 10% versus the aggregate portfolio allocation to private investments amongst individual investors is only 1%, but why? Historically, advisors did not have the access to private investment opportunities that satisfied their concerns around minimums, liquidity, fees, and transparency - until now.

We deliver solutions to financial advisors

Axxes Capital is an asset management company seeking to democratize access to private investments as a viable asset class to enhance portfolio returns.

Cornerstones of
Axxes Capital's Success


Our focus is on serving wealth advisors so that they can better serve their clients. Our job is to make the advisors we serve heroes to their clients.


In selecting both the managers and the Axxes Capital team, we seek out top talent to deliver the best results for financial advisors and their clients.

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