Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Axxes
Capital and Axxes Capital Funds

Does Axxes Capital manage the private equity investment and investors’ money?

We are an open architecture platform; we will not manage the money ourselves and will hire top money managers to manage the money for us.

Does Axxes Capital offer technology to monitor the performance of its funds?

Our focus will be on the financial advisors, the market landscape, and the industry, not technology. We partner with iCapital as our technology provider to help you monitor our private equity strategies.

How will investors report earnings for tax-reporting purposes?

1099 reporting is expected to be included in most, if not all, of Axxes Capital’s fund strategies.

Is there a timeline for investors to purchase or liquidate their shares?

Our funds are expected to be perpetual and offer quarterly liquidity, subject to board approvals.

Can investors exchange between Axxes Capital funds?

Exchangeability is one of our fund features- Investors can easily reallocate among our investment vehicles, enabling them to rebalance their private investment allocations.

What is the minimum investment for Axxes Capital funds?

The minimum investment is $25,000 into one of our private investment funds.

Can investors purchase Axxes Capital funds directly?

Investors must work with their financial advisors to purchase our funds since we believe wealth managers are central to helping investors accumulate and monitor their wealth.

Are Axxes Capital funds registered with the SEC?

Each fund will be registered with the SEC providing enhanced oversight and increased transparency to investors. Additionally, the funds will be subject to periodic reporting requirements, including the filing of quarterly and annual financial statements and monthly net asset value calculations. The prospectus for each fund will also be publicly filed.

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